Where are you stuck?

Are you happy with the predictability of your cases? Are you as confident as you’d like to be when doing a big case? Are you comfortable with the efficiency and profitability of each case you complete?

Get unstuck and on your way to bringing your practice vision to reality with Dr. Glenn DuPont’s clinical coaching program.

This program helps quality dentists become better through targeted, customized coaching designed to achieve immediate results by improving treatment planning, sequencing and efficiency of treatment. Reinforce, review and refine the clinical skills and concepts that Dr. DuPont has taught at The Dawson Academy and around the world.

Decrease stress. Increase efficiency and profit. Experience more predictable results!

  • Implement the technical concepts of complete dentistry

  • Adjust plans and sequences to maximize efficiency/profitability

  • Make phased treatment available to the patient

  • Learn what to send to the lab and when to send it

  • Discover a scheduling system for determining the correct amount of time for procedures

  • Put it all together: from pre-clinical to records to systematic treatment planning to sequencing to finishing

How Does It Work?

Initial Phone Call and Proposal
Co-discovery process to gather essential information and determine how we can help you meet your goals.
On-site Practice Evaluation
Clinical systems will be observed, evaluated, and suggestions will be shared with the dentist.
Follow Up
The customized coaching program will be conducted via video calls addressing specific patients of the practice and focused on treatment planning, sequencing, fee structure and efficient delivery.
Post Visit Call and Report
A “customized treatment plan” will be presented to the dentist.

Why Choose Dr. DuPont as Your Mentor?

Armed with arguably the greatest foundation possible in our field including his years of successful practice and collaboration with leading innovators in dentistry, Dr. Glenn DuPont offers you a side-by-side collaboration for treatment planning and process implementation in your own practice.

The empowering concept of “complete dentistry” has fueled both his personal and professional growth and success as a clinician. Dr. DuPont joined Dr. Peter Dawson’s practice shortly following dental school where he was blessed to have both Dr. Dawson and Dr. Roach openly share their practice philosophies and knowledge. Step-by-step approaches to evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of occlusal problems and rehabilitation, as well as guidance on their philosophical approach to the practice of dentistry led to a rare and exceptional learning experience. This one-on-one, side-by-side experience had tremendous impact on Dr. DuPont’s growth as a clinician.

It is Dr. DuPont’s great joy to offer one-on-one mentoring in individual case evaluation and treatment planning, process and practice implementation.

Improve diagnostic and treatment planning skills and facilitate optimum dental health in patients.

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